Three Organic Food Benefit For Better Tomorrow 

Three Organic Food Benefit For Better Tomorrow 

Organic foods are referred to as those food items which are produced or reared without the use of any genetically engineered product or synthetic pesticides or petroleum-based fertilizer or sewage based fertilizer pharmacy Malaysia online store. Basically, these are grown with everything as natural as possible. And hence these require a lot of energy and hard work along with patience. Also, the product is far less as compared to modified crops or livestock reared. Hence, organic foods are a bit expensive as compared to the normal ones. Though it has a lot of benefits and is really beneficial for the human body system.

    The organic produce

  1. Harvested with natural fertilizers like compost and manure.
  2. The pests are controlled through natural processes like a trap for insects and birds or by the use of naturally derived pesticides.
  3. The weed growth is controlled by mulching, tilling, crop rotation or any other natural process.

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The organic livestock

  1. The livestock is fed all genetically modified organism and hormone-free diet and supplements.
  2. They are reared outdoors in the natural environment as much as possible.
  3. The disease is prevented through a healthy diet, cleaning on a regular basis, clean accommodation and rotational grazing.

The benefits of eating Organic foods

Since organic foods are grown free of synthetic preservatives or any chemical use, they are richer in antioxidants as compared to their conventionally grown counterparts. Hence they are much suited for people with allergies or who require much healthier diets as compared to conventional diets. Let us look at a few benefits of eating organic foods.

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  1. Organic produce has fewer pesticides in them. Often confused people assume that organic products are pesticides free. However, it is not so. It is just that since these farms use naturally-derived pesticides instead of the synthetic ones that pose serious health hazards. Conventional produce widely uses fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides which burden our bodies chemically weakening our immune systems. However, since organic produce use naturally-derived pesticides they are much less toxic and hence pose fewer health hazards if any at all. Hence it is recommended for children, pregnant women or people with low immunity to consume organic produce as they stress their body much less than the conventional produce.
  2. Since organically fed livestock is hormone and GMO-free they tend to retain nutrients much more. Hence nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids or calcium levels in milk are almost as high as 50% than the conventional livestock products. Also, the use of organic livestock does not create any antibiotic-resistant bacteria strain in our bodies.
  3. Since conventional forms of breeding and farming require much more use of synthetic products, which take a long time to decompose and stay in our environment for a long time, entering our various nutrient cycles and food pyramids to cause not only damage to human health but also we already stressed ecology. The organic produce engages practices that reduce pollution along with reducing soil erosion thereby increasing soil fertility to conserve water and energy. It also does not harm the food pyramids in any way as it uses all naturally decomposing products and hence lesser damage is done to the ecology.

So people go the organic way as it may be just a small step towards the conservation of human health and ecology but it will definitely go a long way.